Flame worked glass art and craftsmanship made with love.

We are a two person team and life partners. This shop is our combined creation. We work from home which is located in the foothills of the Mt Jefferson wilderness in Oregon.

I, Ben, have been blowing glass since the spring of 2010. I graduated with a degree in Industrial Engineering at Oregon State University in 2007. Had I pursued that path I would have been working in a large scale manufacturing environment making things more efficient. That would involve mass production while reducing material and labor costs through design and automation. I realized I didn't want a career where I work to make automated systems that would ultimately result in laying off workers and earning more for the CEO and shareholders.

I had just got back from a long sailing trip down the west coast into Mexico when I decided I was going to bite the bullet and get a job I'd probably hate. I moved in with a friend in Portland, OR and started applying for jobs. My friend was a glass instructor and we built a glass studio in the garage of the house we were renting.

I instantly fell in love with it and decided to go full time after my first sale at a local smoke shop. I then went on to supply smoke shops throughout Oregon and sold to distributors who spread my work across the country. It has been a one of the most difficult paths I've taken starting in Oregon where the market is flooded and also at the peak of import glass that is dirt cheap and highly profitable for merchants. With much persistence and hard work I eventually gained some solid accounts that support local artists only.

I met Grace in 2012 and fell in love. We bought a house out near the mountains and started our life together. She started blowing glass as well and opened our Etsy shop. It was a total game changer for us and has enabled our dream to stay alive. We wanted to keep doing this and start a family where both of us work from home and are directly involved in raising our kids.

Without Etsy, we would struggle to compete due to shops constantly low balling us and comparing our prices to overseas sweatshop glass prices. It is an ugly thing to have to experience especially when bills are due and you have to bite the bullet because bills are due. It was very sad to see such a vibrant and colorful era come to an end due to greed and mediocrity.

We also started doing fun events like barter fairs where we get to set up a booth and camp with fellow artists. We get to see live music and celebrate living with like minded people. That is exactly what we want in life and the kind of reality we want to bring our children up in. We've since made other items such as hummingbird feeders, terrariums, and pendants to be more family friendly for such events.

It is a struggle everyday to do this and sadly now the importers have arrived online to undercut us. We will continue to do what we love while we can trying to keep this dream alive to create a reality for ourselves that is worth living and raising a family in. This is our dream.

Thanks for reading and visiting our shop!